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Energy Monitoring and Verification

Verification of savings is an important part of Energy Performance Contracting and energy savings projects in general. We understand the intricacies of such projects and our specialism ensures that M & V can be applied practically, with the agreement of all parties, to proving the energy performance of energy savings projects.

Energy intelligence Africa Ltd has a long-term commitment to reducing energy consumption through the application of technology and expert services. In order to achieve this we are heavily involved in promoting the economic benefits of energy demand reduction through efficiency and management. Ensure optimal energy performance across your operations with our proprietary open protocol energy management system.

Our dedicated automatic meter reading system constantly monitors and collects data throughout the day. The data is logged and analysed in real-time, and can be viewed remotely 24/7 via our interactive, cloud-based software platform. Diagnostic tools embedded in the system detect slight changes in monitored parameters and trigger alerts, forewarning you of a potential environmental or equipment fault. Wireless sensor technology is available for clients who require a non-invasive, low maintenance solution. Our long range wireless technology opens up new flexible monitoring opportunities enabling installation in more challenging locations.

•  We Analyse your energy bills:
Your invoices will tell you how much energy you are using, and what tariff you are paying. Make sure you understand them and that their information is accurate.

•  See what systems are in place
Do you have enough data available to properly assess how efficiently your company is using energy?

•  Investigate new metering and reporting technologies
New metering systems offer advanced collection and recording techniques and various display options.

•  Relate the amount of energy you use to likely influencing factors – for example: levels of production. This will help you to better understand how your company is using energy and where it is being waste.

•  Monitor energy use and improve

•  ESCO and Energy Performance Contracting M & V services

•  Post retrofit analysis, assessment and savings reporting